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Get notified from whatever app you want (Telegram, Slack, etc) when your website or API is down based on HTTP status code or content of the response, or even when your server is slow.

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Quickly integrate with any platform. NEO Sense offers effortless connectivity across your entire stack, enable monitoring within a few minutes

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Facebook Workplace

Google Chat

Lark Suite


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Monika WA Notifier

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Everything you need to monitor your application.

It is designed to help you keep your systems and applications running at their best

Track your application's performance across multiple continents with our global availability.

Monitoring the app has never been this simple

Experience the advantages of a free registration, explore the numerous notification channel, and effortlessly set up your app in no time.

Absolutely Affordable

Experience the freedom of monitoring all your systems simultaneously, wherever and whenever you choose, at a budget-friendly cost

Rich Notification Channels

Choose your prefered way to get notified from a variety of notification channels.

Quick Setup

Easily register for a speedy setup, empowering you to monitor your systems without delay.

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